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Originally Posted by jacog View Post
I find it ironic that often games rated M are quite durn immature. Graphic nudity? Squarely aimed at immature teenage boys. Gore purely for shock value is the same.
I too see the irony. But I don't agree that this should be stopped. There are plenty of men (and women) who go out buy magazines, books, films and other mediums which provide explicit sex and violence and this, for the most part, or a certain degree is acceptable, but it isn't so much for computer games.

Do I play games with sex and violence? Well, as much as I love the story to Max Payne I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited in the extre,e action and violence. And I'm currently playing 'Leisure Suit Larry 7' which is one of the most comically erotic things I've ever seen. Get rid of games like this, and stick to more conservative pap? Hell no.

I think computer games should exercise the right for sex and violence. It's arguable that these are the most basic traits of human existance. And computer games are, IMO, very much the evolution of other mediums.

I think it's about balance. In the film industry, I can't stand these stupid no-brainy comedies like 'Click' and the endless, shocking horror movies released almost weekly in the cinemas, but things would be just as boring if every film were these intellectual arthouse films too.

Leading this back to games, I don't mind no brainy shooters and horror games or even these stupid erotic games like BMX XXX, just as long as there is a fair share of investment, advertisement and PR in more real mature games like Still Life or Myst.

What I find most ironic and what bugs me most is that, these immature games like 50 Cent 25 to Life are made, but not enough is done to prevent the underaged from playing them. I've imported a few American movies and there aren't even any physical age certificate shown on the front cover of the boxes!!!!

Back to the original point, yes there is great potential for mature stories, but because adventure games aren't the cool genre at the moment, and aren't appealing to the mainstream, who really cares?

Metal Gear Solid has one of most complex, contraversial and interesting stories ever, but how much of the general audience who played it either understood or even cared for the story? Most of the people I knew in school didn't care about the story. All they cared about was the amazing feature of hiding the main character in a box...

Even now, when I hear a 'grown up' talking about computer games, they talk about playing them for exploding scenery and heads, etc.

You can't just blame it on the teenagers. There are plenty of adults who thrive on the sex and violence in games.

I'd like to say sorry for this rant in advance. Let my beating commence!
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