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Default Tired of Adventure Game’s old Themes?

Have you noticed that the new adventure game developers use the same themes over and over again for their games? I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty bored by games themes dealing with: conspiracies, Atlantis (or other mystic ancient civilization), templar and aliens (and in many cases, all put together in one senseless story).
Don’t get me wrong, I have played and enjoyed new games with stories on those same lines, but I would really like to have the variety of games in the past. Like Sierra or Lucas Arts Games, and many others that had their own very original very interesting storylines.
Some great storylines that I remember are:
-guy trapped in a mental asylum with no memory of why he is there
-pirate wannabe trying to be a pirate and meet the love of her life
-renegade biker trying to clear his name
-dog and rabbit detectives trying to solve a circus crime
-man gets trapped in a book in a fantastic world that he wrote himself
-man destined to be a shadow hunter turns into werewolf and finds a forgotten Wagner Opera.
-newlywed couple lives in a house with a dark past that turns the husband into an evil murderer
-Girl travels between two parallel worlds of science and magic and discovers her true destiny
-A boy in a robe gets vanished from its tribe and when they are turned into swans he is the only one who can save them.

And so on… I really miss original stories…
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