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Originally Posted by Lee in Limbo View Post
I want to read through this thread properly, and have read as much as I can, but my head is groggy and mildly achey, so I'm just going to say that games with mature themes and subject matter (as well as the violence and nudity, neither of which should be gratuitous, but both of which should be considered) are very strong draws for me, and the more intelligently these themes are handled, the more enjoyable I find them. I don't mind games where I get to goof off a bit, but really, I'm in it mainly for the storytelling, and find that mature stories usually engross me the most.
I think that word, 'intelligent', is key, just as is another word, 'responsible'. I think too many times developers stick in things like sex and violence just 'cause they think it's 'cool' or, more so, salable. Annoying, but true.

So on that note, which games have you played in the past that handled mature subject matter in a most intelligent and responsible way while retaining creativity and good game design?

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