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Originally Posted by Squinky View Post
I'm certainly all for deep, controversial subject matter in games, and support the existence of serious, mature games wholeheartedly. Whether I'd play such a game myself, however, depends on what kind of mood I'm in. As with movies and books, sometimes I want to be entertained, sometimes I want to be made to think, and sometimes I want a bit of both.
That's pretty much my stance on it. I want to plunge deep into 'mature' subject matter - in games, literature, film, etc. - because I'm always up to being enlightened, even if I have to go through tears for it. Who knows, it may change how I view the world, and how I view myself in the world. But then there are times when I'd like to simply experience a game as a game and have fun. Not all games should feature depth and serious issues, just as not all games should only be about blue skies and pink bunny rabbits.
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