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Originally Posted by Trep
What's your perspective on this?
Fun is where it's at, but: I'd like to see some more games that dig deeper beneath video gaming's shiny surface, for example a World War II game that doesn't put you in the role of a grunt, special soldier or special agent or whatever. At least ONCE, please. Yet, as has been said before, I'm too not at all convinced there are many people working on games who could actually handle more sophisticated subjects. Let's be honest here.

Originally Posted by Kurufinwe View Post
Furthermore, I don't believe being serious and relevant necessarily means having to tackle everyday, real-world problems. As a matter of fact, I tend to believe that the more you stick to the news of the day, the more you risk missing fundamental ideas and the more you tend to get irrelevant after a few years. So I can't see why fantasy, or SF (by which I mean "real" SF, not just today's world + flying cars * la Tornquist) couldn't deal very appropriately with deep and serious matters.
True, true, true. What can change the nature of a man? Another one of these usual suspects that won't go down.
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