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Default Is 'gamedom' mature enough to handle certain subject matter?

Left to right - 3rd World Farmer, Silent Hill 2, Still Life.

I wanted to post this topic in Adventure Games because I think that as a 'genre' in which stories play a very prominent role (if not the prominent role), the adventure game seems most poised to tackle particular subject matter. Seems that certain issues could be dealt with through narrative, and especially through character exposition, and explored that way to the point where it may transcend the game's initial 'entertainment value'.

Whether it's touching on the subject of child abuse (like in Silent Hill), raising awareness of world hunger (3rd World Farmer), or telling the story of the hunt for a serial killer (Still Life), adventure games today seem ready to explore ever deepening issues about the nature of the world and of ourselves.

What's your perspective on this? I know that many of you prefer to play your adventure games purely as entertainment, but you could also say the same about movies. In recent films such has been dealt with, like Shindler's List, where there is deeper meaning and you leave the theatre with many thoughts on your mind. A computer game could provoke the same responses, where you quit the game and ponder what you've just experienced.

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