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I know that the censor for "ass" was "A spotted Owl" (which actually showed up as a smiley, I think. Like so: ) - And now you can guess what an "Spotted Owl Habitat" was the censor for.

Also, I just remembered that someone gave a hint to the "Chinchilla Hider" - I quote: 'Think along the lines of Snakes on a Plane'. And the verb form is "Chinchilla-hiding".

For "n00b", you got "...oh my, the teapot is boiling, toodles!"

Some others I don't know the originals for are "muffins" (which used to be "plankton", but apparently that confused people), "noble seamstress" (I think I smell a pratchett reference here, though), "fudge", and "swiss cheese".

They still have "Please continue, my good sir." (This last one is still there) for "STFU", "a devoted Elder Scrolls fan" (for "Fanboy"), and "politician" (or "Be quiet, politician!". Not sure which one is the censor, and which one the sentence).

Then there are the inactive "pencil", "pencil sharpener" (I think this is about sexual organs. Who agrees?), "heliopause", "fudge on a rope", "cryogenics engineer", "Vanilla Wafer", as well as "Coke" (for "Pepsi") and "Pepsi" (for "Coke" - I hear Coke vs. Pepsi threads were all the rage for some time. I don't know if that was the result of the censor, or if the censor was the result of the discussions, though.)

The mods seem to have removed those censors though, because people liked them so much, that they held entire conversations just by typing censored stuff to create hilarious dialogues out of the resulting censors.

- "esc(x) cot(x) dx = -csc(x)!" Dennis added, and the wizard's robe caught on fire. "Gosh," Dennis said, "and some people say higher math isn't relevant."

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