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Originally Posted by fov View Post
Turn graphics quality down, and the mouse speed should pick up. To get better graphics with the quality set to low, crank up the resolution as high as your computer will let you.
I understand that the overall performance is what's dragging the mouse performance down which is why I asked if such additions to the engine where possible. Some games in the past have offered just such options and since we're talking about adventure games that (in this case) are primarily focused on navigating scenes and scenarious with a mouse cursor, keeping that speedy despite all thats going on in the background would seem a boon.

I appreciate your suggestion but does it not seem a little odd to sacrifice visual wowery to achieve a steady framerate & responsive mouse input - when its an adventuregame that would look just as good at 18 frames as 80+ and practically no one could tell the difference if the cursor didn't lag?
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