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In the last two weeks I've seen:

BORAT - Funny little movie. Not brilliant, not the funniest movie ever made, but enjoyable and amusing.

THE PRESTIGE - Not as good as Nolan's other films (Memento, Batman Begins, etc.), but still a pretty good way to spend two hours. My biggest gripe would be...

I didn't like how it turned out to have REAL magic in it. I mean, they passed it off as some kind of scientific thing, but it was rather silly.

FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS - Underrated. Some of the battle sequences surpassed Saving Private Ryan, and I loved the overall theme of the film. It wasn't really about war. It was about how we exploit the idea of a "hero" and what a hero really is.

STRANGER THAN FICTION - I enjoyed this one. Saw it with my mother, of all people. Heh. Will Farrell wasn't going for the crazy comedy here like he normally does. He was more subtle, and I really liked him in this. The premise is both ridiculous and fascinating. And there are some moments that are truly touching, at least I thought so.

BABEL - VERY underrated, but I'm somewhat biased. I love movies about a bunch of different characters that somehow have a connection to one another. Movies like Nashville, Short Cuts, Magnolia, etc. I really enjoyed this.
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