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Originally Posted by Some dude from Mel's review
"We are concerned, however, that one serious pitfall is that the audience may not always be sophisticated enough to get the joke, and that some may even find it reinforcing their bigotry."
British TV has a certain tradition of mocking prejudice through comedy, and yes, some people are too stupid to realise that. The man who played Alf Garnett, the bigoted racist from Till Death Us Do Part (you were supposed to laugh at the character, not agree with him), apparently used to take great pleasure in deflating those who enthusiastically agreed with his 'views'.

Sacha Baron Cohen's previous creation (Ali G) was a little bit more subtle in its satire, to the extent that most people seemed to think he was aping the stereotype rather than mocking it. He himself appeared unamused when he went to collect a television award to the backing of rap music - "It's just a character..."

Originally Posted by kuze View Post
Finished Hustle, Dead Like Me and Life on Mars. Loved them all, especially the second season of Dead Like Me - why, oh why did they have to cancel the show?
Started watching 4400, The *British* Office and Early Edition. Didn't like them.
Didn't like The Office? Sort yourself out.

What did you think of Life On Mars?
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