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Originally Posted by Lucien21 View Post
I must say I loved the game and will play it again and again.

However quite a few people seem to have problems with the hardware fingerprinting which seems overly sensitive (i.e different fingerprint depending if you have a USB key in when installing etc) Even Steam and Microsoft which uses these systems are not as sensitive as this seems to be.

I worry what happens if I upgrade my PC will it stop working. What is classed as an upgrade, more memory, change graphics card etc Will the game stop working?

And going back to Telltale to reactivate is just annoying.

Anti-pirate systems should be invisible to the average user. Peeving off the normal customer will only hurt sales not pirates.

That said it's a great game saddled with annoying security measures.
Hi Lucien:

Well, here's another wrinkle on this subject. I decided to buy Samorost 2 and noticed that it was selling at Telltale Games. Since I already had an 'account' there I decided to buy it there, but on the final screen, just before you commit to buying, was the heading: 'Game Reactivation' with info on what to do if you have 'to re-activate the game at a future date'. Now either they are using the same generic screen for all their games (whether they have to be activated or not) or they are using the same validation/activation scheme as with Sam & Max on all their downloadable games.

In any event, I immediately logged off, hustled over to the Samorost Amanita Design homesite and bought it there for the same price- just required a simple download.
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