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Originally Posted by aries323 View Post

I think maybe Lucasarts didn't release Monkey Island 1 & 2 as well as the other games, you mentioned since it would involve to much work to get these games to run on moderns OS like Win XP or Vista.

I think getting these games to run on these systems would require a lot of
backwards editing (reverse engeenering, I think it is called ?) just to get them up and running on modern OS.

aries 323
If they still have the source for the scumm interpreter,and I guess they have, it shouldn't be hard to port it to windows xp, the dos header files and mode 13h would be a problem though, since Microsoft abandoned the support for dos executables in visual c++ 4.0 (I think). soo they have to rewrite the blittering methods to directdraw, sdl or something, or compile it whit dev-c++ or simular compilers. since the game engine uses scumm scripts, they don't need to touch the game itself, only the interpreter.
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