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Originally Posted by fov View Post
The longer Sam & Max is running, the more virtual memory it uses up. If you've been playing for a while and transitions between locations are getting slow, etc., just quit and restart.
I hope this is something you'll try to resolve for the next episode. I noticed Culture Shock chewing up 600MB of RAM after a relatively short time running - not very cool.

Still, it was the best adventure game I've played in years. A few of the puzzles were real classic LucasArts material - I'm thinking specifically of the
psychoanalysis dream sequence and the Brady Culture finale
. I'm happy to say that it felt like I expected Freelance Police would, though sad that the resources of LucasArts weren't on hand to make it even better (I missed iMUSE!)

I haven't enjoyed playing through an adventure game as much since... well, probably the first part of Monkey Island 4 before it lost its lustre. My only complaint is that it was far too short!

Oh, and the fact the voices are overcompressed, with the psychotherapist being particularly painful to listen to. And the RAM thing. Apart from those though...
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