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Originally Posted by samIamsad View Post
Panthera, does it only occur with this game? Otherwise, having recently taken a look at the game's directory with its billion of audio files, laggy audio and and such could also be the result of a hard drive not being able to access files quickly enough. Due to fragmented data, spyware interfering, a bad setup, and so on... which can all lead to increased loading times in general.
I'd just played through secrets of da vinci, before I played sam and max, and that played well, even when the anti virus was running (it checks every Friday and I tend to forget it.) It loaded for some time when I entered the garden, but no other problems, no freezing or such (I was also running an other really process hugging program while playing, so it's rather surprising that I did'nt have more problems..). I also finished Secret files Tunguska last week, and didn't have any trouble with that at all. All loading was very, very, fast, and cut scenes started right away etc.

It isn't that many months ago that I formated my drive, but I haven't run any disk formating since then, witch I probably should, since I've moved around quite a lot of files..

Originally Posted by fov
The longer Sam & Max is running, the more virtual memory it uses up. If you've been playing for a while and transitions between locations are getting slow, etc., just quit and restart.
Aah.. I played through the game in one sitting, so it never was quit. That can explain some of it, but I've never had that problem before, when I've played for many hours. I'll remember that next time, "take breaks AND turn off game"

That sounds like the issue with the card overheating that SamIamsad mentioned. Updating your video drivers to the most recent ones should fix it.

EDIT: Theoretically this conversation should move into the tech forum...
Hmm.. that's what you told me last time, when I asked about CSI overheating, and I'm pretty sure I installed the newest driver, rolled back to an older driver, played the game on lowest graphic setting and some other things. But I can always go and see if it's been released a new driver, after all, it's best to use the newest anyway..

Sorry for posting wrong, I wasn't really asking for help, it was more just reporting, but I know my bf wants to play through too, so all help is received with gratitude..
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