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Panthera, does it only occur with this game? Otherwise, having recently taken a look at the game's directory with its billion of audio files, laggy audio and and such could also be the result of a hard drive not being able to access files quickly enough. Due to fragmented data, spyware interfering, a bad setup, and so on... which can all lead to increased loading times in general.

Originally Posted by fov View Post
That sounds like the issue with the card overheating that SamIamsad mentioned. Updating your video drivers to the most recent ones should fix it.
I admit that none of the (Geforce) drivers I'm using is new (as in: brand new), so maybe overheating can be an issue with older Geforce drivers as well? I'm still a wee bit puzzled how this can happen at all, Ati, Nvidia, old driver, new driver, whatever...

Theoretically this conversation should move into the tech forum...
...over at Telltale (for best results). Probably.
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