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I've just finished Sam and Max, and I must say, it was a nice little game, with many funny dialogs and commentaries. After playing the demo I was a little skeptical, but I'm glad I finished the game (well, I had to since I got it for free.. )

But I have a real problem with reeeeeeally long loading when leaving and entering locations. First I played the game in 1024x7 and something (high graphics etc.) but after a while I turned down to 800x600 witch helped a bit, but not that much. I missed several dialogs, the screen image returning showing me some text I didn't get audio for, and the two sequences with Brady was almost impossible. It froze all the time, cut dialog, cut actions etc.. it really ruined some of the game experience..

Second trip back to Brady, the game went back to "normal" first after
the soda poppers attacked Sam.

The game never once crashed though, just lagged, froze up for a period of time, cut dialog, minimized itself, etc..

Also every time I clicked something, like the images in Sam's office, he froze in a position, before the view changed to the images. Max froze a little before he "wooshed" up in the air too

My system isn't that new, but it shouldn't really have a problem playing this game. I have:
Radeon 9600 128mb
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (2.0Ghrz)
512 mb ram
And I'm pretty sure I have a Nvidea soundcard

I've had trouble with an other telltale game before too, I can't play CSI 3, because it causes my machine to bluescreen and restart..

Edit: oh and I forgot, my machine kept popping up with a message telling me it had to little virtual memory and needed to relocate. I didn't have anything really resource-demanding open at the time, messenger was off and etc, the only thing open was Firefox. I've had much more resource-demanding things open before, when I've played games that in principle should demand much more memory..
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