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Thanks, jp! Found the thread. Kind of weird that the game has problems with some Ati cards and a specific older driver, causing them to overheat. Never heard about anything like that. Anyway, I don't have an Ati card. I realized I was running "Culture Shock" in 800x600 resolution the whole time, with the AA settungs cranked up in the driver options of my card. Maybe changing the detail level to "low" and turning off AA will do the trick. We shall see.*

I've never had a complete system freeze like that under XP. No bluescreen, nothing. Just the game coming to a sudden halt at a random point and then... nothing. Now that I've read that the game would cause certain cards running with a certain driver to overheat ( ), these symptoms sound vaguely familiar. I think I had crashes like that with a former card of mine I used to overclock... Still, W.E.I.R.D.

*edit: Yupp, that worked. Maybe my card overheated as well?!
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