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PS: Forgot to add that this demo is a way better introduction to the world and the characters than the "Bone" demo ever was. Not as good as "Hit the road", granted. But it's hard to beat that, I guess. The introductory sequence alone, when we're introduced to our most beloved dog and rabbit duo by seeing them crashing through the walls (BAMM!) and saving a damsel in distress from the clutches of a horny geek robot thingie (having a time bomb for a head).

And the look (or non-look if you like, considering the basic animation technology of that era) on the lady's face, still tied to the chair, when she watches the two of them driving away. Land's/Mc Connell's tune reaching it's final bizarre crescendo, switching over to the main theme.. Bizarre! Priceless! And, admittedly, as said, probably reeeeeeeeally hard to beat. "Culture Shock"'s credit sequence has style and then some, though! Ooooh, I wish I could finish the demo at least once. Patience is a sharp razor to swallow indeed.
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