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Originally Posted by undeaf View Post
I just got a logitech marble mouse(a $15 trackball, all the higher end ones available were thumb opperated), to potentially replace my intelieyemouse which seemed to be developing a defective right button(although it now bizarrely seemed to have noticed the other mouse and shaped up). It's not as precise as the mouse, although that could just be because I'm not used to it, although it kind of feels better not having to move my entire arm when using it. The lack of a scroll wheel and middle button on it is annoying. I got a button to work as button 3, now it's useable.
^ That thing is awesome. It takes a little practice and yeah, I too miss the scroll wheel, but it is an excellent trackball. I still like high sensitivity mice more but for tight places and laptop use, it can't be beat. I think I might try out a thumb operated one soon though. Enjoy.

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