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I was in central Manchester yesterday for a NaNoWriMo writers' meeting (lots of eating and drinking in a pub). And before the meeting I walked around and indulged myself a bit...

Logitech USB joypad, brand new, for £5 from Morgan Computers. The last one in the shop! Tried it out last night and it works great.

Three DVDs for a total of £16 from a second-hand game and DVD shop. (Saw, Saw 2, and Final Fantasy special edition).

A stack of paperback books for £10 from my favourite second-hand book stall near the Arndale Centre.

And then about £10 for lunch and a drink in the pub while chatting to everybody about writing and stuff.

Plus £2.55 return ticket from Bolton to Manchester by train. And £2.60 bus fares to cover the mile from my house to Bolton station and back again!

It's not much of a splurge, as splurges go, but since we're pretty broke at the moment it counts as one.
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