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This weekend, form Thursday to Sunday there's an arrangement in town called "book in sentrum". Lots of author interviews, book signings and such.

First I went to an interview with Bone writer Jeff Smith and Nemi writer Lise Myhre (more about that here)
and a signing with both. For the signing I picked up the complete Bone cartoon (in english) and the newest Nemi book (volume 3) Monsters and meteors

I also picked up an autograph from Jan Guillou for my grandmother, and two times two (one set is for my mother) Knut Nærum books (famous norwegian houmorist. He has written several cartoons and books, and is on a houmor show on tv every friday)

The Madonna riddle is a parody on Dan browns "The Da Vinci code"

Autographs from all three authors

The Solution to the Madonna riddle is a parody of all the solution books that came out after the Da Vinci Code.
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