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Originally Posted by AFGNCAAP View Post
And I assume that Trumgottist have means to calculate the final rankings easily enough, or else he wouldn't offer to do it.
That's the easy part. (And yes, I have tools to help with the boring bits.) The hard part is what I suggested we all do. Assisted by the link PolloDiablo gave, I now have a file on my computer containing (at least most of) the adventure games I've played in a very rough order. The obvious things are in place, such as Simon3 > Simon2 > Simon1. But then comes the difficult part, and I haven't played as insanely many as some others here have. My list only contains 42 commercial games. (I think it's probably best to leave the freeware games out of this, or things will become even harder to compare.) I note there's only one of the games I find to be bad.

As AFGNCAAP points out, the idea was not to collect ratings for a large number of games, but more a variation on the "post your top games" threads. I thought of it since Sotaria was doing statistics on the most recent top-game thread. I found that interesting, but noted that simply adding scores is a blunt way of doing statistics. As an example, my personal top ten does not include any Space Quest games. Is that because I don't like those games? No, it's simply that I've never played them. I think it'd be interesting to see how the results of a ranked pair rating would compare. The large number of games thing sort of appeared as a requirement to do this sort of thing. It's pointless to apply the ranked pairs voting system to the top-ten thread (I'd have done that instead of starting a new thread if I thought that to be a good idea) - there's too little information in that thread to do it right.

I did not intend it to be anything more substantial than any other similar forum thread. Completely useless, but maybe a bit interesting. If anyone feels inspired to start some new rating site, or register at MobyGames and start rating they should feel free to do so, but that's another thing.

And for those of you that find it too hard to do: Group your list heavily. You could even do it as simply as splitting your list in two groups. "Games I like" and "Games I don't like". Or post the top ten you posted in the last thread and group the rest of the games together at the bottom. Those are completely valid approaches that will be handled appropriately when the results are put together.
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