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Wow, uh, well firstly I completely disagree with you about The Lady Eve. I thought it was hilarious; the physical comedy as well as Stanwyck's sly tricks with Fonda and with her father. Simply stated, she and Henry Fonda were magnificent, as were the supporting cast (many of which seem to be Sturges regulars).

Sullivan's Travels is a little more...interesting, perhaps. It's about a director that makes escapist movies but decides to make a socio-political picture. Told he knows nothing of trouble, he determinedly sets out on a voyage with only $0.10. The first half or so is interesting, and if you think Joel McCrea's relationship with Veronika Lake lacks chemistry on top of the Fonda-Stanwyck one I'll just assume you're crazy from now on. Then it gets oddly serious, which is delightful considering Sturges suddenly turns it inadvertently into a socio-political picture. Since you plan on seeing it I won't divulge what happens, though. I liked it, but I found myself more engaged by the romance and serpentine plot of Lady Eve, personally.

Unfaithfully Yours was probably the most interesting structurally. Rex Harrison is a composer madly in love with his wife Daphne who's also madly in love with him. Having just returned from a trip, he learns his dimwit half-brother had Daphne followed by a dick because he misinterpreted soemthing the composer said as he was leaving. Although he never reads the material, he begins to suspect his wife of having an affair with his (male) secretary. That's the first 30 minutes or so. Then comes the big concert he's conducting, during which he entertains fantasies showing three separate ways he deals with it (each one marked by a new movement in the piece and by the camera moving right into his eye as he conducts), including an elaborate murder plot and Russian roulette. That's another 30 minutes or so. Then for some time he tries to act out his fantasies but fails miserably (where the physical comedy comes in) and then it ends happily. It was probably the least funny fo the three I saw, but Harrison has some fast-paced dialogue and actually pulls off some funny slapstick, and whoever played the wife was absolutely adorable. I don't personally see why it's not as well-regarded as his earlier movies.

In short, I figure if you didn't like Lady Eve you might like his more complex pictures, but the comedy will be very similar, I'm afraid.
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