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I just finished watching an old movie called The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao. I saw this when I was a kid and it facinated me to no end. I had been thinking about it for years so I finally looked it up and found it on Netflix (The most wondeful place on the Earth!) and I finally figured out why it haunted me all these years. There was so much play on the human charector that it was a thrill to behold. When you start to look at it all you see is stereotyping and bigotry then it opens up to a buffet of emotions from staring into the mirror (meteforically... most of the time) and seeing things you didnt intend. Fear, self loathing, hopelesness, and a Sea Serpent in a fishbowl (Jaz would love that part).

Most memorable quote:
Mike: Are you an acrobat?
Dr Lao: Only philisophically
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