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Originally Posted by Terabin View Post
All movies appeal to the senses, at least, I think, in the way that you are talking about. This is why movies are such a compelling art form, because they are visual and aural. And with the nature of the movie theater, it totally sucks in one's attention. It's hard to get lost in a single portrait in an art museum because, most likely, there are portraits lined up next to it, and people walking around, and unless one has the ability to concentrate, it's hard for a single piece to attract that amount of attention. A film in a movie theater is hard to NOT focus on. Especially after you've paid 10 bucks for admittance.
Of course all films appeal to the senses, but you're talking about something else. What I meant is that in recent decades directors have targeted the senses more directly by foregoing or disrupting classic/rational/logic narrative. Visuals and sounds are used to stir certain emotions (through the senses) unrelated to story and narrative. But this is getting to much into postmodern film territory, and maybe we should stay clear of that area.
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