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Originally Posted by Spiwak View Post
Well I dunno about Lynch but I guess I can see Cronenberg (can't think of any Greenaway off the top of my head, which probably means I haven't seen any). And fair enough, I'm sure Aronofsky will become a major force in the years to come (at which point I'm sure everyone will agree, no matter how much they like them, that Pi and Requiem are his immature works. Hopefully The Fountain will be the start of that (for me, anyways).
Next time you see a Lynch film, pay extra attention to the use of sound in his films. Eg: he sometimes adds low tones to the soundtrack, especially aimed to affect your senses and emotions. It gives an extra disturbing atmosphere to his films. Good example is in Blue Velvet, near the beginning, when he zooms in on some ants deep within a grass field.

And as far as Greenaway is concerned, The Pillow Book pretty much says it all.

And yea I've seen Rabid, it's pretty good...for a low-budget horror flick. The premise is fantastic though. I mean, a woman undergoes skin replacement but the cells start doing funky things that create a carnivorous phallus on her armpit that also makes zombies of the people it feeds on. Wow - only in a Cronenberg movie.
Lol, you got that one right. Hm, I'll move them up on my dvds-to-see pile.
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