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AGA: Marek likely did as I've not suggested to people in the past (many times not ever) and avoided the temptation to acquire a sub-account from a US friend which cannot be used outside of the US, in any country that the user may live in. ... so there you have it.

And egads, that was a blast, genuinely funny. Though if my mind doesn't stop going "Doo-dah!" soon, I might be forced to drop something heavy on my own head. Max is the very font of delightful evil, he is.

I honestly want to say more and to quote my favourite lines and bits but I won't ruin such a genuinely enjoyable experience for those whom haven't yet had the chance to partake of it.

As a footnote, I respectfully disagree, Ariel. I found that in pursuing every avenue of every branch of every dialog tree, and interacting with every object in almost every way, I easily stretched it out to three hours. And I had a blast the entire time. It was great fun. And I only spent about fifteen minutes tracking down a traffic fine victim.
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