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I was a bit disappointed by the game and by the review on
The game was way too easy, much easier then Bone 2. The puzzles are so straightforward (almost non-existent), that I just wonder, what audience did Telltale had in mind? Casual gamers aged 6-10 who played arcades all their life? And Max.. He always gave hints. Who needs hints in such game?
And about the length of the game.. 3.5-4 hours?? Huh? I clicked on every single spot, chose every dialog option, and the playtime was under 2 hours (somewhat about 1.45). I didn't spent 30 minutes on road arcade, though - it becomes repetative pretty quickly.
I also didn't like the simplified cursor. There are even no ceparate options for "look" and "use". Laziness of designers?
Too little locations, even for shareware game.
And too short, of course. I know, there will be more episodes soon. But I just can't stand a two-hour adventure. The story has no time to develop.

Rather then that, I enjoyed humor, characters (despite Sams' voice.. it's bad) and graphics. Those are really great. Music and the whole atmosphere are also wonderful.
But the concept of "interactice movie/sitcom" seems to me as a dead-end for adventure genre. Ah well.

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