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I only have an hour (or two) impression as well, from when I visited the TTG office two weeks ago. My opinion, based on this summery experience, is that Evan's review is pretty much how I feel about the game too. (Good to see him back, by the way. He's a great writer!)

I wonder why he brought up the music, though. It wasn't al all intrusive, and adds a lot to the atmosphere. I didn't even notice that it was continuously playing. It just blends in very well.

I also fear that people will have an unforgiving attitude against the voice acting. There was a lot of complaining when some footage was released. Personally I agree with Evan about the lack of depth in Sam's delivery of his lines. I also agree that Max sounds much better. I didn't really notice anything wrong with the supporting characters, so I don't entirely agree with his 'hit-and-miss' assessment.

That's all. I'm looking very, very much forward to the world-wide release date, so I can finally play it.

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