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The Departed - wow, I'm probably exaggerating as I just got out of this a little while ago, but boy did this floor me. This was simply, to shed any intellectual assholism, an engrossing flick. I had sweaty palms the entire damn time and everything a cell phone went off I jumped. What a good movie! Actors and writing at the top of their game, and Scorsese seems to be in the right spot again after the disappointing Gangs of New York and pretty good Aviator; this is his territory, and nobody does it as stylishly or as competently as he does.

If this doesn't get some major Academy Award noms I just give up...which actually happened a couple years ago, but who's counting. I'm thinking he will finally get a Best Director award for this...Best Picture will probably go to that Eastwood movie everyone will forget in a few years, whatever its name is.
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