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Let's see...

Double Indemnity - fuckin' loved it. I've actually decided to write my first film analysis paper on it, and my interpretation should prove pretty interesting. If anyone that's seen the movie wants to read my basic laid-out rant-thoughts and maybe give some opinions PM me or something.

Fatal Attraction - It had so much potential. The first two acts are really intelligent, compelling, and not just narratively speaking. Some wonderful moments and characterization that would have been best kept if the makers had left it ambiguous. That is, it becomes not only encouraged but necessary to feel sympathetic to Douglas and ill-will towards Close by the end even though it was apparent they were setting up a more nuanced relationship that left the "villain" open to interpretation...which would have been more interesting. The last part feels like a totally different movie. The original ending was better, much much better.

Borat - Hilarious. The best part about the Borat segment was always how absolutely terrifying it is, seeing how people are so inherantly condescending of Borat or Jews or whatever even while trying to maintain the appearance of "tolerance." This is no exception; hilarious and poignant at the same time. One fascinating part of it was trying to discern what was staged and what was sometiems it is hard to tell.

Blow-Up - Wow. Visually stunning to say the least. Also quite fascinating. I guess the theme is that reality is no constant, as it seems Thomas became so engrossed with his craft that he imagined a whole scenario to challenge himself and feed his ego. Will require a second viewing.

The Science of Sleep - Just got back from this. What a mind-explosion. After walking out of the theater I had the vague impression that I no longer existed, as I had when I walked into the theater at least. Perhaps the most abstractly stimulating movie I've ever seen...meaning that it never really stimulated my body, but in fact seemed to encourage a separation of my mind from the body....the easiest and most obvious way to describe the sensation is dreaming, while awake. Plenty of other movies have dealt with this same feeling (my favorite being Eyes Wide Shut, of course), but this is the only one I can think of that actually succeeded in making me feel like I was a part of the dream. Gondry is a master of the consciousness, able to create images that actually feel and behave like the thought process. On a further note, I found the movie rather depressing.
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