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Dear Aggie,

Happy Anniversary wishes going out to rlpw and the missus.

Squinky played porn music for Silvsie and his new playmate. This amuses me greatly.

I took my wife, our girlfriend, and my band to see one of my very favourite local bands last night. The gig was a wee bit disappointing, but it was interesting. They had a guest musician sitting in with them, who is something of an unsung hero in the Canadian music industry, so even though he was kinda rough on stage, it was good, over all. Still, not the most impressive show I could have taken these people to see. Perhaps next week...

Today, I am playing early Peter Gabriel, shrugging off the last of this horrid flu I've been fighting with for the last couple of weeks, and feeling like I've shed a huge load of mental weight recently, since I started talking straight to people who really matter to me about how I've been feeling lately. One or two more hurdles to overcome, but I'm starting to clarify if not simplify my life, which is good.

Now if only I could get some writing and drawing done.

Thanks for listening,


ETA: Aggie, is it wrong that I am considering showing up at Squinky's door in lieu of the escorts?
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