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Does getting a lawn planted count as a splurge? Well, the last real splurge I can think of was picking up a 20" LCD for my utility computer a few weeks ago. It was such an amazing price, ($200) I couldn't pass it up.

Enjoy Lost season 1 Mel, I usually can't stand anything TV related but my sister made me watch the first episode last year and I was hooked. I've already worked through both the first and second seasons on DVD. I'll have to wait until next year to watch season 3 since the rabbit ears on my TV don't pick up reception.

Update: Just indulged myself in a new toy. 1500va 900w UPS! Wahoo!
Damn, I have to be the biggest nerd in the world.

Things I need to do today:
-change out of pajamas
-come up with witty yet sophisticated signature
-sober up
-watch simpsons at 6pm

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