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I didn't make it clear, when I listed the ones earlier, I didnt' mean just those ones, if you bought new ones not on that list, they count as well.

On the other, there is a crapload of games out there.
Yeah, but I'm on about just Adventure games which, when you think about it, there aren't a crap-many of those released in one years. The ones listed at the top make, what, one a month?

I'm sure a long time ago it was established that quite a few people out here ONLY play AG games, or the odd that's close to the genre (e.g. Psychonauts).
For those people, being the core audience of the programmers, how much you spend and how many bought in a year counts to alot.

Personally, it's the prices that hold me off buying straight away. If BS4 was out at 20 pounds I'd probably go for it, or if Keepsake and Barrow Hill were 9.99. As great as these games could be, they aren't probably worth that much when compared to the bigger game releases.

I know what might come here - 'that's the point, how do they compete?'.

I believe, that if independent games were cheaper at launch, many more are likely to be interested. Half the time, they go down in price a month or two later (as much to my disgression, getting Ankh for 34.99 only to see it go to 19.99 a month later) in which case we've shoved the game at the back of our mind for another, newer AG.
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