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I can’t say that I’ve bought many games generally. I’m a broke student… I’ve mostly been playing old school adventures on the Amiga, the Secret of Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky and Flight of the Amazon Quest.

I did buy Fahrenheit though after a friend pressured me into buying it. Shadow of Memories (I know not new) was another great purchase. And I’ve just ordered Still Life after hearing the good reviews!
I’m still contemplating whether to buy BS4 though, user comments are putting me off. I’ll wait until if comes down in price, I’m tight with my money.

I think I will order any new releases online though, the last time I went into my local gaming shop these guys thought it was hilarious that a girl like me was into gaming. And when they asked me what I was into and I replied “adventure” one of them remarked "oh like platform?"
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