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It certainly it. It's on anyway. Infact, even though it's only for preorder, there are seven reviews on it already (don't suppose one of you on this site is responsible for any of the reviews?).

I find it interesting that so many so far won't buy AGs straight away in the shops unless it's a big release.

My main conclusion to this it, are AGs dead? No, but dying to the fact that so little of them are bought unless they're on the EA Sold Out range or Focus for 4.99.

At the end of the day, I guess if you really want a game badly, you buy at launch (which is why I constantly hung around my local computer game store until Ankh was in stock).

Now I'm trying to complete my Myst collection, so I had to get that one too.
Funnily enough, I've just ordered Myst V to finish my collection. I've got the 3 originals in one pack and number 4 and 5 in their limited edition boxes (not forgetting the soundtracks).

On the subject, anyone know of a special edition Uru game(s) with a limited edition with soundtrack?

Following one back to my main question, are there any games in the future that you DEFINATLY buy at its launch? For me, Tony Tough 2, A Vampyre Story, the next Ankh game and possibly Runaway 2.

What's more exciting is that I'll have a brand spanking new PC to play these games on maximum graphics with *drools*
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