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Originally Posted by Spiwak View Post
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - probably the best "death of the West" Westerns I've seen. Everything in this movie is great, from both an entertainment perspective and an intellectual one.

Some Like it Hot - if I didn't like Dr Strangelove so damn much I'd say this could be making a run for the best comedy, along with Annie Hall. So much subtle, yet at the same time blatant, sexuality. This is my first Marilyn Monroe viewing experience and she was just as sexy and funny as I've always heard. She nearly steals the movie from the outrageous Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.
My goodness, your taste is frightfully good. Those are probably my top 3 comedies as well. Or at least all 3 would be in my Top 5 or 10.

And, of course, Liberty Valance is excellent.
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