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I think that forums are different from the whole LonelyGirl15 thing because you are interacting with the people on here. Because lonely girl operated through videos and a blog she had complete control over what was presented. She didn't have to react to other people in any way. If she'd had to hold online conversations "in-character" that would have made her job more difficult. Not impossible just harder.

As for how we'd react to someone not being who they say they are on here, what would matter.
The level of deception. If I said I was Welsh instead of English who would care. If I said I lived in a different country that might or might not affect people. Chatting with someone across the world is different from chatting with someone just down the street. If I said I was a woman instead of a man that would probably cause ructions. Several people on the forum react to me based on my being male so that would be considered a major betrayal.

In case anyone is worried I really am an English bloke living in the UK.

Deliberate or accidental. If someone decides I'm a woman and I not only don't correct them but encourage that belief then that's deception. If someone decides I'm a woman but I don't realise (and would correct them if I did) that's hardly my fault is it.

Commission or Omission. If I say I'm a freewheeling single looking for some hot loving that's deception. If I just don't say that I'm a married man (this is a gaming forum after all. It's not high on the list of likely subjects to come up) am I guilty of deception?
With some of the people I've got to know on here it would sadden me to find out they're not who they say they are. With others I wouldn't care. A friend is a friend and a friend that lies to you (no matter how remote they may be) is never a good thing.

Oh, and Saks. I have a life. I just choose to do different things with it to you.
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