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Sadly, I'm actually with Sak on this one.

I've seen some of LonelyGirl15's videos and it's not like they weren't obviously fake. She wrote in her little YouTube blog that she doesn't know how to edit and gets the guy to do it for her...but in at least one video he's getting onto her about recording their private arguments and why the hell would he help edit her videos and submit them to YouTube for her?

At that, her little life problems weren't that interesting. At that, the reason she became such a YouTube phenomenon is because internet guys are creepy. Women tried to give her advice and what-not occasionally, but most of the comments typically revolve around how cute she is.

If anything I find what she and her friends did admirable. Being able to fake her life reasonably well and more over get people to buy into it. She and her friends clearly have some talent.

But to Sak's point, I'm not emotionally invested in any one of you, and thus wouldn't care if one of you comes out and tells us all you're actually a spy from JustAdventure, or whatever. That's not to say I don't care about the board; Adventure Gamers is, collectively, a kinda friend...but I don't know anyone on it individually.
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