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I don't personally like being lied to, so I'd feel more than a tad insulted if someone on AG - anyone - turned out to have been entirely inventing themselves as we knew them.

I actually find the whole LonelyGirl15 thing surreal; not because of the fact that she was making it all up - quite frankly, if you were to believe everything that you saw on YouTube, or anything that you read in a blog, you'd be something of a fool - but because of the mass hysteria surrounding the fact that she was a fraud.

Certainly, it's not as bad as some of the frauds I've read about. I could be wrong here, but I seem to remember someone in the Kingpin: Life of Crime (an old PC FPS) community that invented a persona that they then claimed had died, and some of the rest of the community actually started raising money in this guy's memory. When they found out that it was all fake they were seriously annoyed, and I can understand that. Don't forget, though, that they'd actually had a personal link to the fake person, something that simply isn't the case with LonelyGirl15.

So, um, yeah. This post really has no point to it. Carry on, people.
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