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Anyone here is a YouTube junky?

If you didn't know, there is this girl who is video blogging her life events on YouTube and she goes by the nick of LonelyGirl15. He name is Bree, she is home-schooled, has strict parents, is an American living in New Zealand, and has a really dorky boyfriend. She is only 15, AND SHE IS REALLY cute. So all this seemed to make her very popular in the YouTube community, with her videos always getting 100's of thousands of viewers and reaching the top most viewed videos on a regular basis.

But it turns out that LonelyGirl15 is a fraud. She is an actress wannabe and the whole thing was acting staged by a bunch of guys and LonelyGirl15. She is 19, living in LA, not homeschooled but rather film-schooled, and her name is not Bree. She is not even American but from New Zealand.

So a lot of watchers in YouTube were outraged and felt betrayed for investing so much in the life of a fraud.

So the question is, how would you feel if you learn that someone you really like and admire on AG (or any other online place) is really not who they say they were?
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