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I love revelation. Just wish I had the time to play it properly and get further. Oh well... I own Riven but haven't played it, and wont until I complete Revelation, then I'm going to go through the whole Myst series 1-5.

To be honest, I don't like many 1st persons. They have so little story (although I'm hoping Post Mortem will have, I'mma get that as soon as I get into the mood of playing Still Life again.

Amerzone was ok, but again, such little plot and some shoddy graphics put me off a bit.

But the one thing I hate most about 1st persons is having to read countless books, often in handwriting that I can't understand. At least some game companies have taken the hint and have V.O.s to read out the lettering, making it less tiresome. How can someone relax when having to squint their eyes to understand so much literacy?

Anyway, thanks for the pole. Reminds me I really gotta get a whole day off from one of my work places and get back to Revelation.
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