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26 is good; and there's definitely something odd with #35.

So... 24/36.

Found (20)

01. The Beast Within, The Opera [KriD]
02. The Curse of Monkey Island, A pirate I was meant to be [KriD]
03. The Dagger of Amon Ra, Luigi [ollie]
05. The Neverhood, Main Theme [AFGNCAAP]
08. And Then There Were None, Chapter Start [ski]
09. Sanitarium, The Mansion [ollie]
10. The Pandora Directive, Sad News for Regan [KriD, ollie]
11. Myst, Introduction [ollie]
12. The Moment of Silence, Launcher music [KriD]
16. Conquests of the Longbow, The Pixie [AFGNCAAP, Ledz]
17. Myst IV, The Camoudile [ollie]
18. The 7th Guest, Coffin Dance [ollie]
22. Leisure Suit Larry 6, The Swimming Pool [Ledz]
26. The Legend of Kyrandia 3, Fish World [ollie]
28. Discworld Noir, The Archeologists' Guild [KriD]
30. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Atlantean Canals [Ledz]
31. Faust, Chapter 3 [AFGNCAAP]
32. Syberia, Komkolzgrad [KriD]
34. Fahrenheit, Say Goodbye [AFGNCAAP]
36. Monkey Island 2, The End [KriD]

Still missing exact place / event (4)

13. Prisoner of Ice [AFGNCAAP]
15. Grim Fandango [Huz]
23. Day of the Tentacle [KriD]
35. Gabriel Knight 3 [KriD]

Hints for the remaining ones (see also posts #43 and #49)

04. There's something fishy about that one.
06. That's the Blue Danube, not the Danse Macabre.
07. Lori Ann Cole doesn't necessarily mean QfG. Nor does "was involved" necessarily mean "designed", for that matter.
14. Not Shipwreck Island, but hardly more hospitable.
19. Beautiful sunset. And a bit of exercise.
21. DIE, BITCH, DIE! (again? )
24. A chase, obviously. Which requires long corridors. Or bridges. With lots of doors.
25. This one's tricky, because you've probably never heard that part of the piece inside the game. Still, the style should be fairly recognisable.
27. A seeress in the East.
29. That game's a hybrid. With no action sequences.
33. That game's a hybrid. With nothing but action sequences.
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