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Originally Posted by Ledz
I'm gonna take a wild poke at QFG4 for number 7 then, and guess that it's music from Erana's place, sounds kinda pastoral-ish...
I'm afraid you're quite cold... which might be a good thing.

I think that 24 is from the Monkey Island 2 Cemetery? not sure, but it's almost definitely a monkey island thing..
We've already got MI2 and 3 covered, so it's either 1 or 4, or not MI.

18 and 19 are driving me nuts!!!! I know them so well and I can't put my finger on it.. 19 is too damned short!!! (no it isn't, I'm just whining)
See above for 18. 19 must be all the more unnerving that it's so fresh in your mind...
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