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Default Grim Fandango promotional stand

Back when Grim Fandango was in stores, a local game store featured this cool Manny cardboard stand in their stairway, promoting the game. Being the nerd I was, I had to ask them what they were going to do with it. The answer "throw away" was unacceptable, so I asked if I could get it instead. They said sure, so a couple of months later I walked away with Manny.

Last week, I got the stand into my new apartment. It's now standing in the corner of my bedroom.

The whole thing (about 1,5 meters high)

A detail of the text featured.

"An EPIC Tale of CRIME and CORRUPTION in the LAND OF THE DEAD, Starring Manny Calavera, as your travel agent of death". The upper right corner has a quote from PC Gamer: "Grim Fandango is the finest adventure game of all time"

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.

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