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My post was incomplete, I agree that has a raw piece of electronics the PSP is way better than DS. The DS is only about games really while the PSP was a multimedia device (although the UMD business is going really bad) that probablys works very well for what it is.

But what I most don't agree with your initial post is that the game library of the PSP is better, and not just adventure.

And the nintendogs and brain training games, although they are clearly not mine or yours taste, we weren't the target. That's the revolution I was talking back. And with games like those Nintendo didn't need to be game/Mp3 player/movie player device to win the large crowd.

I continue to prefer the DS upcoming games list even for harcore gamers, but that's just an opinion (although Loco Roco and the new Metal Gear look cool).

I wasn't implying the gba rpgs are better than the Psone, you just didn't mention the gba in the initial post.
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