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Originally Posted by SamNMax
Obviously didn't read.

Good job quoting Oscar Wilde (that proves you're incredibly smart and not pretentious at all) about "Brute Force." Obviously I'm forcing you to agree without question.
No actually I read it completely, and that's the part of the problem. It had nothing to do with being smart, it has everything to do behind the whole philosphy of the post. You obviously spent lots of time coming up with it, and are extremely proud of your work. You want people to discuss it, argue with you, so that in the end people claim your superiority not by force but through reasoning. It is quite evident the number of your replies in this post, because in a sense for you it is a great piece of work that needs to be discussed and so on... blah blah. Anyway, I will not post anymore, because I always finds these debates and point of views quite pointless considering what is so true about arguing on the internet:

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