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The Thread™ will die.
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4th August, 2006

Is this microphone still on?

Oh. Perhaps it is.

The last couple of days have been... interesting. I seem to specialise in having a couple of days during each holiday where I work myself into a vaguely depressed stupour and lack any energy or desire to do anything.

But hey, that was yesterday! At this point I'm back in a Thread™-killing mood (one day I'll work out why I keep putting a trademark after the word Thread™. It must be some kind of subconcious Monkey Island thing). And I can honestly say that the last couple of days haven't seen anything even approaching some solid Thread™-killing.

But what about my life? Well, being the kind of person that I am, the last couple of days have involved almost nothing on an activity front. Sitting in front of a computer mostly, along with a few games of badminton. Note to self: warm down after playing so that you don't have backache the next day...

Try not to laugh, children, when I tell you that I've been reading The Da Vinci Code. I'm still not quite sure why. It's a book with very little in the way of true literary merit, and it's easy to poke fun at. On the other hand, it's a vaguely entertaining thriller, even if I'm having to disregard every fact for the sake of Brown's failure to do any research (this is kind of annoying, because he seems to be desperate to show off just how much reasearch he has(n't) done). I'm half way, though, and it's really not that bad.

Star Trek V: The Undiscovered Country. Only when feeling rotten could I even possibly attempt to watch a film this mediocre. Now, I appreciate that it's fashionable to slam this particular flick; to claim that it's the worst film in the series, without any redeeming qualities and poorly directed. Well, I disagree. It's the second worst movie in the Star Trek canon after Star Trek: The Motion Picture (which is just boring). Actually, I'm not sure that I don't prefer this to the utterly appalling The Voyage Home, too. Why anybody likes Star Trek IV remains something of a mystery to me.

Also, Shatner's direction doesn't actually seem that bad to me. Maybe I'm just proving to the avid film buff that I have no experience as a film director - like, duh! - but there were some nice angles and lighting, and the only thing that really let this picture down for me were the special effects and the writing. Which was exceedingly trite.

Especially when they started singing round the campfire. Twice.

But yeah. It's really not that bad.

Dinner this evening could be described as a chore. My mother had decided to prepare steak - something that seems to cook to different qualities at random - and this one was one mega chewathon. Disappointing. On the other hand, I've eaten far worse, and at least the meal was sans mushrooms.

"Mushrooms", I (don't) hear you ask? Yes, mushrooms. I obviously picked the least suitable Oxford college for my dietary tastes, because I can't stand the damn things, and yet University College seems to think that they're the only thing worth eating. Imagine any mediocre meal that you've ever eaten. Now add mushrooms. It doesn't suddenly turn into great food, despite what the chefs seem to think.

I may be being slightly uncharitable, though. You see, the chef changed at the end of last term. Out went some of the mushrooms, and, in their stead, came grease. Lots of grease. Let's just chuck grease at everything! Because grease tastes great!

I evidently need to lighten up.

Keep it real, darling boys and girls,
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