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Originally Posted by Jazhara7
Do you even realise why I call Robsie Tibsie? Because one may not call him Tibsie unless they understand the profound meaning of this name. Also, Robert has to approve it. (of course, I don't need approval to call him that, because I came up with the name.)
I know you've explained it somewhere. Something about Tiberius was the obvious second name for....someone.....ah, I don't remember.
And I was confused at the beginning to the point of thinking you two were having some sort of romance.
Originally Posted by Stepurhan
Sage has a good accent and his Godfather impression is something else.
You guys have had a phone chat! That must have been great! I'm a little jealous you know, I want to talk to both of you too, but then again, I think the forum chatting is to my advantage compared to talking on the phone in English.
Originally Posted by Sage
Then by all means, give our Stepurhan a chat. He has a wonderful accent, and is charming to a fault.
Pay close attention though...he is one fast talker!
I don't think his wife would appreciate that! (Just kidding! We're both happily married!)
I suggest I invite you all for a dinner on my terrace for an all night face to face chatting
Lebanese or Swedish smörgåsbord? You choose!

EDIT: Or maybe grilled Salmon with roasted vegetables and tzatziki. To go with it a chilled white wine of your choice. I've had it with all those smörgåsbords this summer.
Temporary guest in your life

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