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It's about time I gave this great game another playthrough. Random thoughts follow: I'd forgotten just how absorbing its atmosphere is, and immediately spent at least half an hour just reexploring the forest. I find it amusing that there've already been several references to the strangeness of the interface, as in my early time playing games it was always such a welcome and familiar one for me; it somehow never occurred to me that someone might have to actually at some point accustom himself to it.

I'd planned to be as miserable, inept a bastard of a Robin as possible this time, but couldn't bring myself to be anything but the dashing hero when the time came. It sort of disappoints me that, for all the game's open-endedness,
when the Sheriff's guard threatens to kill the woman
you can't simply shoot her in a Keyser Soze, "don't even try threatening me, you pricks" sort of way. Maybe it's just me who thinks like that though.

Another thing I've noticed is how lonesome and melancholy so much of the music sounds; maybe it's a combined effect of the quiet, melodic sort of style and the sparseness of the midi sound, but it's something I don't really encounter in many games (Quest for Glory IV and maybe parts of King's Quest V, which I haven't played in years, come to mind.)

I was also surprised by how little the non-interactive dialogue and uniformity of the forest screens irritated me (i.e. they didn't at all, whereas I expect I'd crucify a modern game for the same things) and how much the game reminds me of the Quest for Glory series while retaining a unique style and feel. It saddens me that noone seems to even try at making these kinds of adventures anymore, and I wonder if we'll ever see their like again. I must admit, it was very difficult to stop playing at the nominated time, and not simply rush through the game to the end. Maybe I can keep myself occupied by trying some of the variations Cellardoor posted about.

Did anyone else notice (very minor spoiler)
Little John carries drunken Robin off in the opposite direction of Robin's cave, then suddenly materialises there?
I feel strange using spoiler tags for such insignificant, early events, but I suppose that's the nature of this sort of thing.
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